In England, in the rain, with Catherine Cookson

If I've been very quiet, it's because I've been travelling to England where the skies are grey and rain seems to be dripping from every orifice!

The schedule is frantic - no time for blogging, or poetry, but I hope to report back at the end of the week when things slow down a little.  Today I waved Neil off to Italy to take over kitten duties, and tomorrow I'm going to Newcastle to talk about Catherine Cookson.  

It's the launch of a book called 'Catherine Cookson Country:  on the borders of legitimacy, fiction and history',  published by US academic publisher Ashgate.  It's a collection of essays on Catherine Cookson's life and work and is the first (I think) to give her books the recognition they deserve.  There's a contribution from her biographer (me!) - very complimented to be asked to write the foreword.  It's a lovely book.

Anyone in the Newcastle area tomorrow afternoon, the launch, with talks and wine will be from 2pm to about 6pm at Northumbria University,  Sandyford Road, Room 020A, Squires Building.  It's free and all are welcome.


  1. You must be chuffed!

    Have a great time.

    ps the weather sounds just like Melbourne.

  2. I would love to come! You are so close but I can't make it unfortunately (I'm near Hexham).

    You're right about CC - a fascinating lady, I've done some research on her too. Also, my father is a huge fan of hers and has always said that her work should be taken more seriously. I think as time goes on her lagacy will be better recognised.

    You are also right about the weather - Oh boy, what a dreadful June so far!

    Bset wishes, Kathy!



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