How NOT to Handle Rejection!

I've been frantically busy this week - my entire life seems to have caught up with me as well as a number of important deadlines and my poor blog has been entirely neglected!
So, to make amends, here's a humorous take on rejection which I loved.  Thanks to Candy Gourlay for the link.


  1. Thanks Kathleen,

    that was very funny! Px

  2. Hopefully things will be a little less hectic before long.

  3. Kathleen - totally off the point, but I hope your family in Christchurch is okay with this dreadful earthquake. The darkest day in NZ history they're saying. Kia kaha.

  4. I read Hermione Lee's waspish and dismissive review in a state of total disbelief. Delighted, therefore, to see that a clip from the wonderful Black Books has helped to restore a sense of balance and made you - and us - smile.


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