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We need to get angry . . We need to follow our children's example . .

What with squabbling over Brexit, getting distracted with a certain president's hate-filled Twitter account, worrying about austerity, and arguing about whether social media is a good or bad thing, we are totally missing the one thing that is the most important issue of our age. That is the imminent demise of 80% of the world's wildlife caused by human impact on the environment.  We aren't just changing the climate of the world, we are consuming its resources at the expense of every other species on the planet.  Scientists are now not just talking about 2100 as the point where we need to worry, but 2030  - a mere 11 years ahead. If you want to face facts read this Huff Post article on the most recent research - 'The Rapid Decline of the Natural World . .' It's not just the bees, it's everything, including ourselves, since we are part of the natural world. Here's a quote -

“Nature is in freefall and the planet’s support systems are so stretched that we f…

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