Poetry Day at Words by the Water, Keswick

It's poetry day at the Words by the Water festival, Theatre by the Lake at Keswick and there's some fantastic poetry on offer.

First up is Helen Farish, reading from her new Bloodaxe collection 'The Dog of Memory' which has some intricate and beautiful new poems,  paired with Adam O'Riordan publicising  his collection, 'In the Flesh', (Chatto).   The covers of each book look very similar even though they're from different publishers, and I find myself wishing that they were more cheerful looking!

Adam's collection was published in 2010 and I find it curious that such an award-winning poet hasn't published another since, though he has written a collection of short stories 'The Burning Ground'.  My favourite from In the Flesh is 'Candle Moulds', written at Dove  Cottage, though it's not for the squeamish. It begins:

Pig fat, goose fat, tallow, they lie like corpses
in their narrow cots, fingers in a drowned
girl's glove, or barrels full of pistol shot. . .

Overlapping with Helen and Adam's reading, is another by Autumn Richardson and Richard Skelton of Corbel Stone Press - at the forefront of the 'eco-poetry' movement.  They produce exquisite publications - this is the latest:-

Then it's the Eden poets turn - first is Jacci Bulman, promoting her first collection from Cinnamon Press, 'A Whole Day Through From Waking', followed by the rest of us, Josephine Dickinson, Mary Robinson, Alison Barr, Kim Moore, Nicola Jackson and myself - including readings from our new anthology 'Crossing the Wild'.

It's going to be a great day at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick - and if you're not doing anything this afternoon, why not come along?  Tickets for the Eden poets event is Free!!!


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