Gone Fishing - Off to lie on a beach on an island in Cambodia

You probably won't hear from me much in the next couple of weeks because I'm packing to go off to Cambodia.  Not to the tourist north, or Angkor Wat, but to spend time with family on a remote island near the Vietnamese border.  The island is called Koh Seh and it's the home of Marine Conservation Cambodia which facilitates research and is attempting to preserve coral reefs, sea grass beds and fisheries for the Cambodian people.  Koh Seh is to the south on the map below, off the coast of Vietnam.

Our nearest bit of civilisation will be Kep (half an hour from the Vietnamese border), which is a lovely rural hideaway.   We won't have much in the way of wifi, so I won't be on the internet very much and looking forward to a complete holiday.

the sea front at Kep

Most of the time we'll be living in a wooden hut on the island with no mod cons (shower from a rainwater barrel, long drop loos etc) - a break from wasteful western culture and our addiction to consumerism!  Something like this .......

I will post some photos when I can get enough wifi signal.  If you never hear from me again it's because I've decided not to come back!!!


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