Something tells me Autumn ...... is on the way

It's a glorious day today, Bank Holiday Monday, in the Lake District, but the weather has been unseasonally torrential recently.  And there is a definite chill in the air overnight during the past couple of days.  Just to confirm the onset of Autumn, in the garden there are signs that summer is at an end.  The river is reflecting the amount of rain we've had - it rises these days with frightening speed.

a big brown monster!
There are yellowing leaves on the trees and on the riverbank.

There are other signs too. The hips on my Chinese species rose, Moyesii, are beginning to redden

But the Fuchsia - the feral variety described as 'common or garden' - is still flowering with jewel-like colours even in the rain.

In the south of England, it's as hot as Mexico.  Here in the north, it's another country altogether.  Now I'm off to go for a walk in the cool hills, to get a glimpse of the sun before summer is finally over.


  1. Lovely Post. Refreshing. Need to talk to you Kathy about a new idea I have relating to Damselfly Books..

    1. HI Wendy - I'm around for the next two weeks - just give me a ring.


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