Consorting with Communists

I am having a few days inhabiting my other life in Italy.  It seems very strange, the complete switch of languages and landscapes, but somehow I slip into it like a second skin.  This weekend is some kind of Communist celebration here in Versilia.  Up in the mountains, during the second world war, the villagers were mostly partisans, fighting the fascists, and they've remained very loyal to a European version of Communism.  Perhaps because of their own history, there's also an amazing sense of solidarity with Cuban freedom fighters.

A Community restaurant dedicated to Che Guevara
On Saturday night we went with friends to the local Cantina in a hill village called Solaio - a community restaurant where food is cheap for members.  This one is dedicated to Che Guevara and decorated with his image inside and out.
Che looks down on you while you eat!
There was even music by local musicians and choir.  Italy - particularly it's food and friendship - can be the most seductive place in the world.

Want to hear one of the songs dedicated to Che Guevara in Italy?  This is one of them.


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