Reasons to be cheerful!

It's Valentine's Day, the sun is shining, the snowdrops are blooming ......  Time to smile, after a long and difficult winter.   In my flood-wrecked garden, things are beginning to push upwards towards rumours of spring.

The moles have managed to survive being under 20 feet or more of raging flood water, and are digging themselves out again.  This is one hell of a mole hill! It's a couple of feet across and a foot high.

Meanwhile, I've had another round of the Were-Wolf coughing virus, requiring days in bed and the ministrations of my lovely neighbour and the doctor.  Currently a medical drug addict, but hoping to get out of rehab shortly!  Life is too short to spend indoors with day-time TV (I have even watched Ice Road Truckers!). And I have a book to finish.  'Travelling to the Edge of the World' is now being trans-mogrified into html code, having illustrations added to it, and undergoing the painful process of editing to make it fit for Readers.  It will soon, I hope, be ready to go out into the world, a couple of months later than scheduled, but I didn't allow for the power of the weather, or subversive viruses!


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