Tuesday Poem: Coastlines - Andrew Taylor

Maybe our life is an affair of coastlines
of touching on contours, of sand shifting
underfoot, of footprints straying
a shore line . . .

                        . . . The only line
that matters in the end is forward.

Andrew Taylor
Landbridge, 1999

Andrew Taylor is a major Australian poet who has never been given quite the international profile he deserves.  He won the Commonwealth Poetry Prize in 1986 for his collection Travelling, and the Western Australian Premier's award for poetry in 1995 for Sandstone.  His Collected Poems were published by Salt in 2005.  Although his poems are often described as 'quiet meditations', they are so, so much more.  Landbridge, a collection of contemporary Australian poetry, edited by John Kinsella, is published by Freemantle Press.

The Tuesday Poets are an international group who aim to post a poem every Tuesday and take turns to edit the main website.  You can find out what we're up to by clicking this link.


  1. The poem does have a reflective meditative feel. Thank you for introducing me to another poet of interest, even if he is another I 'should' already know.

  2. It's lovely...so true so much meaning in such a small verse. Thanks for this.


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