The Long Trek Home

Igor Mitoraj's clay faces baking under the sun in the piazza this week.

No post for a few days as we begin the long trek back to England across Europe.  The car has to go back to the UK to have its papers renewed.  This is definitely not the weather for a long journey, so we're planning to travel through the night, checking into a motel during the mid-day heat.  Motels are cheap in France - the one we're staying in is only 30 euros.  Setting off in the small hours tonight and hoping to get through northern Italy and Switzerland by Sunday lunchtime. Just hope the car survives the journey - its 13 years old now and beginning to creak a little.

I must say I'm looking forward to some cooler weather - the heat here has been almost unbearable at times - haven't experienced heat like this since I lived in the Middle East.  Over 40 degrees is an all time record for Italy in July - glad I won't be here for August!

The heat is stunning - makes you stand in the shade, admiring your feet,wondering who you are. This Japanese girl had clearly had enough.


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