Women Writing Women - 'Unforgettable Books by Exceptional Writers'

So here it is at last!  The secret we've been sitting on for the past three or four months.    Women Writing Women - Outside the Box.  Seven of us, all ALLI members, got together last autumn at Jessica Bell's suggestion, to see what woman-power could accomplish in the world of Indie publishing.  This is a new experiment - both scary and exciting - and I'll be reporting back regularly on its progress.

We've put together a box-set of 7 novels with unusual female protagonists - women who don't get to feature in mainstream fiction very often.  7 Award-winning authors;  7 blindingly brilliant books.

Apart from my own novel, The Centauress, 'Outside the Box' features:

Orna Ross founder-director of The Alliance of Independent Authors, and named by The Bookseller as one of the 100 most influential people in publishing. Orna's contributed Blue Mercy, a novel about a woman who has spent time in jail for killing her tyrannical father, and is now determined to reveal the truth.

Joni Rodgers is a New York Times bestselling author, a Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers selection and a Discover Award finalist. Joni's novel, Crazy for Trying, features a bookish and freshly orphaned young woman who seeks to escape the shadow of her infamous mother—a radical lesbian poet—by fleeing her hometown.

Roz Morris, ghost writer and teacher of creative writing master classes for the Guardian newspaper in London, is the author of best-selling My Memories of a Future Life, the story of a gifted musician who is forced by injury to stop playing the piano and fears her life may be over.

Jane Davis, a British writer whose debut won the Daily Mail First Novel Award, contributed her latest novel, An Unchoreographed Life,  in which a former ballerina turns to prostitution to support her daughter.

Carol Cooper Author, doctor, British journalist and president of the Guild of Health Writers contributed One Night at the Jacaranda, in which an undercover journalist after a by-line, not a boyfriend, unexpectedly has to choose between her comfortable life and a bumpy road that could lead to happiness.

Jessica Bell  is an Australian novelist, singer/songwriter, Publishing Editor of Vine Leaves Literary Journal  whose award-winning poetry has been broadcast on ABC National Radio. Her novel, White Lady, features the wife of a drug lord who attempts to relinquish her lust for sharp objects and blood to raise a respectable son.

We're a formidable lot!

What Reviewers have said:-

"The Magnificent Seven! This is a showcase of truly inspiring authors brimming with passion, talent and the courage to push the boundaries. Beautiful, poetic, imaginative, passionate, thoughtful, witty, sensual and intelligent, Outside the Box is a feast. Unforgettable books by exceptional writers."
J.J. Marsh, Books with Jam.

"The authors of these books are at the forefront of a strong cohort of ground-breaking, boundary-pushing women writing and self-publishing literary fiction. I cannot recommend this collection highly enough." Dan Holloway, columnist for the Guardian books pages and publisher

Watch this space!

For more information visit the website at www.womenwritewomen.com
The Box-set of 7 novels will be released on February 20th but is available for pre-order now on Amazon and at other oulets for a very, very competitive price.
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  1. Congratulations, ordered right now and WHAT A PRICE!
    Well done all of you enterprising women

  2. Wow! Looks fabulous. And all look like my kind of read. Have pre-ordered. Great price too.

    1. Glad you liked it Anne and CArol! Happy reading....


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