The Christmas Selfie

It wouldn't be Christmas without the obligatory selfie!  Neil and I have been going for a walk on Christmas day (whatever the weather!) and taking photos of ourselves for more than twenty years - propping cameras on walls and dashing back to pose without panting too obviously.  We have quite a few shots of the sky and blurred rocks, but also quite a collection of ourselves huddled in anoraks (Lake District weather is not clement in December) behind walls and on sodden hillsides - even one in a blizzard.

Neil and Kathy on Christmas day
This year I'm in Italy to spend Christmas with Neil.  Since I began work at Lancaster University in November, Neil has been forced to wash his own socks and cook his own meals, so the prospect of having someone to do it for him has been very welcome.  We don't go in for presents, but this year I got a collection of chocolates - so I think he's glad to see me!

We ate our Christmas lunch on a wild stretch of beach between Torre del Lago and Viareggio. Smoked salmon sandwiches, frittata, prosciutto and a bottle of prosecco.  And we sat and watched a grey and turbulent Mediterranean roll in towards us.  We had it all to ourselves.  Utter bliss.

Picnicking on a wild stretch of beach
Experts will note the John Lewis picnic backpack, (for professional picknickers) which was a Christmas present from daughter No 3 a few years ago.  There's even a cheese board and a wine cooler!

Wishing everyone the very best of whatever festival you celebrate at this time of year, and a very healthy and happy 2015.  


  1. I hope that you had a good festive season and best wishes to you for 2015.


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