Tuesday Poem: Remembering the Trees

As I'm currently somewhere in the air heading for New Zealand and unable to blog, I hope no one minds if I share the poem I wrote last year in New Zealand.  It's one of the poems from the new collection I'm putting together, Sea, Tree and Bird, which has a strong environmental slant.   This poem was featured on Ink Sweat and Tears for National Poetry Day last week. The other featured poet was Canadian Clarissa Ackroyd.  Click here if you'd like to read her poem too.

Remembering the Trees

Kauri Forest, New Zealand, 2013

It takes time to grow
a continent of rock, rooted
in ocean.  Time
to grind and sift
a handful of soil for a seed
and two thousand rings of dense grain
packed into furniture, floor boards
a Whare, a house, the shaft
of an axe. . .

© Kathleen Jones

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