Tuesday Poem: Storm on Facebook

Storm on Facebook

I don’t know how to ‘Heart’ this big wind
bullying my doors and windows with strange suggestions
I can’t even ‘Like’

or ‘Share’ the feeling that knots my stomach
leaving my mouth dry.

If I don’t go out, it will threaten to come in
so I cower under the quilt
putting up pictures of cute dogs
and kittens in boxes.

But the wind comes guttering
beneath the tiles of the roof
pushing the wall back with a sudden gust

going Viral.

© Kathleen Jones 2014

'Nubifragio' - Cloudburst
Written under a quilt at Peralta, sharing a bed with Ellie, Vaniglia, Pino and Bisco (1 dog and 3 cats) during a once in a hundred year event that chucked down 300mm rain, felled trees and washed the road away, leaving the hamlet isolated for 6 months.  We didn't have any electricity, so the pictures went up on Facebook afterwards!
The morning after

A terrified Ellie

Vaniglia unmoved!


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  2. Oh, I so know that feeling... Thanks for the poem!

  3. Thanks all - yes, it is just a bit of fun!


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