Secret Gardens and Abandoned Houses

In the woods on the other side of the river bank is a beautiful house I often fantasise about living in - mainly for the wonderful gardens.  It was owned for years by the same family and very private - I only once crossed the doorstep, for a fund-raising fete in the walled garden.  But for some time the house has lain empty, a forlorn For Sale notice on the gates.

Today, walking in the woods to see the rhododendrons, which are in full bloom now, I noticed that a section of the perimeter wrought iron fence was missing and there was a boot-track through the wild garlic.  Who could resist such a temptation?

The track soon expired, but I beat my way through the nettles between the yew trees, all curiousity and courage.  There was a fallen tree and on it a rather poignant wooden plank - 'My Daddy's Tree Hows'.

I discovered a seat overlooking the river, mossy and overgrown but very peaceful.

Emerging from the darkness of the wood, but still waist deep in nettles I found the gate to the walled garden ajar.  Who could resist this?

Or these steps?

The garden, once an immaculate lawn with picture perfect flower beds is now a wilderness of wild flowers.  Probably a haven for wildlife.

In the middle there's an old apple tree -

with a  neglected wooden seat under it.

And there is a small summer-house in the corner, just perfect for a writer to tuck herself away! Or as the setting for a murder mystery......

Inside, the obligatory abandoned umbrella.

There were roses too, lost in the frantic weed growth, but you could smell the perfume. This one is an old rose called Buff Beauty - one of my favourites.

I didn't have the courage to wander round the outside of the house - that felt too much like trespassing (who knows what security cameras they have installed!) but took this picture from the driveway.

My imagination is now racing!  Who knows what might happen next. . . .


  1. Great inspiration for a novel.Willyou write it?

    1. Not a novel, but it might work its way into a story!

  2. I want a 'like' button. I was with you all the way. :D


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