Tuesday Poem: Kirsti Whalen - Brave Like

It's almost Tuesday and I'm going a little crazy trying to get things finished before going back to the UK at the end of the week as well as preparing for the 3 talks and the workshop I've got booked for next week. So I apologise for not being able to put up a Tuesday poem of my own.  But I'd like to share the wonderful poem on the Tuesday Poem hub by young NZ award winning poet Kirsti Whalen - fantastic word music and you have to read all of it to really appreciate how good it is.   It begins:

Kirsti Whalen: Brave Like

an excerpt

Gaffer toe inside lake water. Not cold in there. Is not. Like. Imagined. Run, he say. Little eel snap snapping at your toes. Water like mud and thick too. Shallow but. Out. Out, Love Little. Out for it. Little run, Little One. Little One, his name for me.

But we are West. Rules snap snapping. This the other side. East of home and West of an older one. Western Springs. Springs cut with digger and. Birds. Brought here, I think. Nested in. They’re big anyway. Those eels. Those. Churning. Bolstered by old bread languid in mud water. They. Cut slip slither grease like under he nail. Don’t.

Not running.

Angry. I think he is. And it is only yet the flash of a green morning. Jetlag made early us. I. Reckless Little. Loves me. Loves me. Cover concern with sticking plaster disinterest. Cover sweaty water echo with black swan long neck saunter.   

Who gives a shit, say he. ...............

To Read the rest of it please click here to access the Tuesday Poem hub. There are lots of good things in the sidebar too.

Kirsti Whalen


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