Freezing in Italy

I arrived back on the late flight to Pisa last night.  The whole way from England to Italy there was nothing to see but cloud below the plane like a thick, grey sheep's fleece.  And this morning when I woke up, rain was pattering on the roof and blowing against the windows.  It's freezing cold here - the wind is icy, coming all the way down from the Arctic and the sky is heavy with cloud. Apparently it's been like this all the time I've been away.  Our neighbours don't know what has happened to the weather - it's just like England! 


  1. so much for "sunny Italy" :-(

    1. Afraid so. The forecast is for this to last until the end of next week. Temperatures down to about 11 degrees, winter duvet still on the bed and the central heating on in the evening. Apparently it's all the fault of the northern jetstream, usually up over Scotland by now, but which has sunk all the way down to the boot of Italy and across north Africa. We're all hoping it comes back!


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