'I think . . . I am going to die...' the new E-single from New Zealand

'I think . . .  I am going to die . . .'

by Kathleen Jones

 Just released today - among the first group of 'E-singles' being published by Bridget Williams Books - a new independent publishing enterprise in Wellington, New Zealand.  I was absolutely delighted to get the email from BWB this morning to say that my contribution is now officially 'live'.  It's a stand-alone piece on the final day of Katherine Mansfield's life at Fontainebleau and the reactions of her husband, John Middleton Murry and her friend Ida Baker, and hopefully it's a good introduction that might tempt people to buy the full biography!

Described in their blurb as:

'A moving, beautiful description of Katherine Mansfield's last days'

This stunning chapter from Kathleen Jones's biography Katherine Mansfield: The Story-teller (2010) describes Mansfield's last days and death at chateau near Paris, the centre of a spiritual movement led by the mysterious Russian philosopher-mystic Georges Gurdjieff.

View the media release (PDF) for 'I think ... I am going to die.'.


  1. Sounds like such a good idea.I will listen with pleasure.

  2. As the late Frank Zappa would say: "Not just any rock star, we want a rock star with a big hit single in the charts. With a bullet!"

    Good luck with your e-single.

  3. Congratulations, Kathleen - it's good to know your "e-single" is now out. I'm a fan of the "shorter books" that e-publishing is making economic - I'm hoping novellas will make a comeback, and mini-short story collections (like those now being published by Rosa Mira Books) will flourish!


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