Awesome Indies lists 'The Sun's Companion'

How do you find good, independently published, books to read among what some people have called the 'tsunami of crap' that is swilling around out there on Amazon?  Awesome Indies, run by Tahlia Newland, thinks it has the answer.  It lists books vetted by established authors, sometimes also read by their own panel of reviewers, which they believe to have reached a high professional standard.  You know, when you choose a book listed on Awesome Indies, that the grammar will be checked, it will be proof-read and the story will make sense!  And that the book comes recommended by other authors. 

So I'm very, very pleased that 'The Sun's Companion', with five star reviews from authors such as Linda Gillard, Debbie Bennett and Wendy Robertson, was thought good enough to be included in their Historical Fiction category.    Sites like this are the new gatekeepers in BookWorld, sifting the well-crafted books from the virtual slush-pile that is now the self-publishing jungle.  Thank you Awesome Indies for giving me the stamp of approval for The Sun's Companion.  Hopefully, now more people will buy it! :-))


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