Just off to England - too far, too hot.

Packing madly and cleaning the house (the landlady might come in while I'm away and discover what a slut I am!) before climbing into a very hot car for a very long, hot journey north.  It's 800 miles or more to the ferry in Zeebrugge and will take us two days in this heat.  We have an old car and think it should take things gently!  Then overnight on the ferry to Hull and back at the mill (we hope) by Saturday afternoon.  It's a nuisance that the car has to have UK papers, MOTs and things, once a year - in Europe they do it every two years, which would make our life much easier.  But EU MOT's are not recognised in Britain.  How dumb is that?

Meanwhile, my short biography of Margaret Forster, exploring her books against the background of her life during a publishing career spanning forty years, has just appeared as an illustrated E-book. It's a complete re-write,(quadrupled in size, illustrated and up-dated), of an arts council pamphlet I wrote in 2003.  Hopefully it should appeal to Margaret Forster's fans, as it has interviews and behind-the-scenes glimpses of the way the books were conceived and developed, as well as pics of her book covers etc.   We plan a print edition in the autumn.   This is what the E-book looks like:-

And The Book Mill now has a Facebook Page all of its own to post news and anything of interest to Indie-authors.  
See you all on Saturday if we don't break down on the way!


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