Reading My Mother's Reading Diaries

It's the 5th of the month and I'm blogging over at Authors Electric about the reading diaries my mother kept for almost 60 years, from 1948 until she died.  They're a fascinating record of the books she enjoyed and the changing fashions in literature.   They were also a poignant reminder of a lovely woman who just happened to be my mother.

   "I sporadically keep a log of what I read.  I always start off with good intentions, write them all down for a few weeks and then get caught up in other things, leaving the pages blank.  Only a few out of the thousands of books I’ve read since I left school have been recorded.  But, when my mother died a few years ago I discovered among her things a series of little notebooks that were a record of her reading from 1948 until the week before she died, with very few gaps.  She was a voracious reader and had a book in her hand when she slipped into her last coma......."   Read More .....


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