Spring in northern England

Well, finally made it back to the Mill yesterday evening.  Typical April weather - showers and sunny intervals and a wind from Siberia!  The river is brown and high and running at quite a lick over the weir and this morning we woke to a pair of swans feeding in patch of calm water under the willows.

Homecoming was very mixed - there's a feeling of  being back in a familiar landscape, but the house is cold and damp, and the dining table is piled several inches high with two months mail - quite a lot of it bills and bank statements, income tax, council tax and all the things you don't want to know about.  Fortunately I have a very good friend who comes in every week to water my plants and sort the mail.  She opens anything that seems urgent - I don't know what I'd do without her.   

But outside the garden is just beginning to come to life - the magnolia stellata and the yellow winter jasmine flowering together.  Definitely feeling better today.


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