How to use Social Media to Promote a Book

This is a really brilliant blog from ex-marketing manager turned author 'Rose Red', about using social media to get publicity for your work.  She really spells out the do's and don't's of the medium.  Especially Twitter. She has excellent advice for both self-published and mainstream published writers. Apparently the knack is to be understated, funny, friendly and definitely not needy!  Advertise indirectly and don't bombard people with requests to buy/read/look at your books. It definitely struck a chord with me -  I've been put off several authors because they are tweeting every five minutes about their work.  Do take a look at her blog, which is called Sprig Muslin and you can find it here:-

Also some excellent advice on E-publishing and marketing at The Writers Guide to E-Publishing which you can find at


  1. Thanks for those links Kathy.

    I'll have a look as soon as I have a moment

  2. As always interesting and helpful link and I couldn't agree more with Rose Red - especially after I mistakenly signed up to Indie Kindle and saw my title promoted ad nauseam in the most meaningless of ways - I would never normally promote myself in this way. I too am sick of authors who constantly do this and am thinking of no longer following them on Twitter.

    Love the small stones by the way!

  3. Thanks Avril - yes, I don't think authors realise that 'in your face' advertising has a reverse effect. Glad you both found the links helpful. Glad you liked the small stones!

  4. Thanks bunches for The WG2E shout-out, Kathleen!

    Nothin' beats writers helping writers reach readers!

    Y'all are welcome any time at The WG2E!


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