Tuesday Poem: This is How the Day Looks

This is how the day looks ...

now the rain has washed
its bright face
and the distant sea is the clean
blue of a surgical gown.

Far below me I can see
a patterning of terracotta
roof-tiles steepled
among the chestnut groves

the human sprawl
between the hills and sea
arranged with alien geometry.
Raindrops have sluiced the olives

dripping on the terrace; and
the happy sun is tracing
the outline of a plum tree
on the stone.

A peregrine stoops
silently past me slicing
a murderous trajectory
through the sweet air.

I'm feeling nostalgic for my little house high up in the olive groves - England is very grey, gloomy and wet at the moment, and the political and financial situations match the weather.  This poem is far from finished yet - it's just a series of observations written  one morning sitting on the terrace finishing my breakfast coffee.


  1. I'm with you on the terrace! You capture the freshness of a morning after rain beautifully - then the images -I love the use of 'steepled' - the 'human sprawl' the 'alien geometry' and the plum tree on the stone. I see it all - and I actually like its unfinishedness (if theres such a word. Gorgeous.

    No wonder you are missing Italy, news here in London is heartbreaking.

  2. This poem makes me nostalgic for Italy - and I've never been there. I felt transported to the place - it was just gorgeous.

  3. Thanks both - I'm feeling very nostalgic at the moment. And sad watching all the trouble on tv. It looks just like Greece without the sunshine. A big worry.


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