A New Life in Italy

Just a quick post to say that I arrived here last night, have unpacked the suitcase, spent a night in the most rickety antique Italian bed I've ever slept in,  had breakfast on the terrace and am now sitting under the cherry tree, looking at the sea, and organising myself to do some work.  There is a recycling skip on the road outside the village and we found a small plastic table, absolutely perfect for the lap-top in a shady corner.  It (the corner) has views out over the Mediterranean and across to the village of Capezzano Monte, which I haven't explored yet, but may tomorrow when I run out of milk and bread.
I can see that skip is going to come in useful!  Currently looking for a bed frame.........


  1. What good news to hear youare safe in your new home.
    Sounds as if you had two great days at Dartington.


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