A Tale of Two Kathleens

I blogged a while ago about all the other Kathleen Jones’s out there on the internet and it was with great pleasure that I had an email - out of the blue! - from one of them,  whose life and work seem to echo mine uncannily, even to the point where she’s also known to friends as Kathy. I’ve been aware of Kathleen B. Jones’ work for a long time - she’s a respected American academic (Professor Emerita at the University of San Diego) with a long list of publishing credits, who also writes short fiction. Some of her titles are both fascinating and important eg ‘Women Transforming Politics’, and I really want to read her memoir ‘Living Between Danger and Love’ after reading the enticing blurb.

‘In a book that is part memoir, part personal essay, Kathleen B. Jones recounts riveting episodes in her own life that parallel Andrea O'Donnell's, a student of hers brutally murdered by her boyfriend. What emerges is a complex, hybrid tale of what Jones calls "unreasonable choices"—the kinds of choices that most of us feel we are expected to make between love and power, between care for another and care for ourselves. She provokes readers to consider the irony that our ideas and choices might prevent us from imagining and discovering social relationships of intimacy where love and power are not in conflict.’

Kathleen contacted me because she’s just started getting a website together and has a really good blog called ‘Writing Revolutions’. I’m hoping that she’s going to do a guest blog on mine one day soon - it’s really fun to have a double, especially one who writes so well!

Here’s the link to her website - http://www.kathleenbjones.com/ - though it’s not completely finished yet,

Also heard from Erin Lender - another blogger who visits my site sometimes - who has an interesting post on ‘15 writers with lives more interesting than fiction’ - I can think of at least half a dozen others to add to it, and I’m sure others can too - some writers, eg Catherine Cookson and D.H. Lawrence, had lives much more interesting (and sensational!) than the books they wrote.


  1. Greetings, Kathy!

    So nice to open your blog--haven't visited in a while; been busy with various projects--and find a note about our recent connection. I will be delighted to blog, once I finish the other projects. Would be interesting to discuss taking my book--LBDL, as I call it--into another genre of writing. This time, it will be the basis for a play I have almost finished: The Origin of the Seasons.

    Am heading off to Australia soon, to give a writing workshop there. I know you'll soon be traveling too. But I will stay in touch and perhaps we can find a time to do exchange guest blog postings!

    Safe journeys,



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