Tuesday Poem: The Reluctant Moon

The Reluctant Moon

The old moon is careful
        peering over the dark rim of the hill
edging out of cover
       into the open sky
the pale, cratered disc exposed
       to the prurient eye of the telescope.

I too have secrets -
       damage I would not display
for close inspection.

A life blown across my face
       by solar wind
scored, to the bedrock.

I am past the full now
        thinning to the last quarter
Earth’s pull
        is relentless
dragging us through
       all our phases

solitary - naked as the moon
hallucinating in its aura of vapour.

Kathleen Jones

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  1. Perhaps it is my mood but I love the melancholy of this poem. It speaks to me today.

  2. Yes, I wondered if it was too melancholy - I was thinking about how exposed and vulnerable we all are, and 'each alone' as Virginia Woolf observed in To The Lighthouse.

  3. It's a lovely poem, although it makes me feel a little guilty as well, having been behind the eyepiece of the "prurient eye of the telescope" from time to time. What a great image that is!


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