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Leaving Kaikoura
So now it's back to Christchurch - my short holiday is over and I have to go back to the real world.  I chose to go by bus this time and enjoyed it very much.  Public transport in New Zealand is efficient, and very pleasant.  Now I'm staying with my daughter and two little grandchildren - Freddie and Jack.  They are really cute, but I can't show photos for obvious reasons.  Isn't it sad? 
I've been promised reviews of the book in New Zealand this weekend, but the Listener seems to have held theirs over until next week, which is maddening.  However, there was one in the Herald on Sunday, by Sarah Sandley and it was very pleasing.  It's always nail biting, waiting for press reviews, but this was one of those you treasure, that make you feel better about writing.  There are so many knock-backs for an author, so many people out there just waiting to criticise, you need the good reviews to keep you going.   Sarah said:
'Jones has brought to the work a scholar's regard for fact, a novelist's regard for form, and a poet's regard for cadence.  The test of a good literary biography is whether it makes you want to reacquaint yourself with the author's writing.  This biography does just that.'  So she liked it!   Time to open a bottle of something - but I might just keep it until the Listener comes out next week! Then I can either celebrate or drown my sorrows with equal efficiency.


  1. Congratulations on such a brilliant review!

  2. Lovely! You should pop up Fiona Kidman's comments on here...


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