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This has been a very busy week, with no time for blogging at all. On Monday, authors Wendy Robertson and Avril Joy  (both wonderful bloggers) came over to interview me for their excellent new writing programme on Bishop FM. I was so nervous I forgot to take a photograph, but we became engrossed in talking about writing and books over lunch and it was a lovely afternoon.

On Tuesday I headed off to Italy by air to meet up with Neil, pick up all our belongings and drive the car north through Europe, back to Cumbria. We stayed overnight in Dijon, in the heart of the Bourgogne wine country. Unfortunately, there’s a limit to how many wines you can taste in one night! (In my case, about two)

Bit of wishful thinking in Dijon
Back in England we queued for hours on the M25 (for non-brits this is London’s orbital parking lot), aiming for Herefordshire and the Titley Jazz Festival, where some of Neil’s friends were playing. Neil used to organise the now legendary Appleby Jazz Festival, until funding fell through, so he has frequent cravings for a jazz fix, and Titley proved a convenient stopping off point on the way home. It also has a small steam railway, and the festival takes place in a marquee almost on the platform.

We were lucky to find a bed and breakfast cancellation for the night, but last night we spent in the car driving north on the motorway, arriving here at 4am. Just time to throw the washing in the machine and the rest of our clothes into suitcases in order to leave for New Zealand tomorrow for the book launch. I’ve done about three thousand miles already this week, only another eleven thousand to go!!


  1. Phew! you must be whacked!

  2. Dear Kathy

    - admired indefatigable traveller!

    It was a delight to talk writing with you in your fairy tale mill, which deserves a novel of its own. I especially enjoyed the eldeflower cordial which fizzed with time past.
    To the next time...


  3. Don't know how you do it - I think you were packing five or was it six bags - for your various destinations, the day we talked?

    It was impossible not to be awed by the granduer of the mill- as Wendy says it deserves a novel of its own - and the way you live with the river, its power and threat but also its beauty - those astonishing views from every window...

    Thank you for a delicious lunch and the inspiring conversation.

    Good luck for the book tour - looking forward to meeting up in September.
    Avril x


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