Mansfield-ing in Menton

For the next few days I'm going to be at a Katherine Mansfield conference in Menton, southern France - a few hundred yards from the Italian border. The event is being held at one of the beautiful villas built for the rich who used to migrate here in droves during the cold, northern winters.

I'm looking forward to French wine, French food, French coffee as well as sunshine and the delight of talking to lots of other Mansfield enthusiasts. The American novelist Linda Lappin is going to be there, promoting her novel 'Katherine's Wish' , which is about Katherine Mansfield's last days at Fontainebleau, and a young Australian playwright, Amelia McBride, is going to be performing her two man play 'Something Childish but Very Natural' (the other 'man' is going to be Julie Fryman). Unfortunately, internet access is uncertain - none at the venue and I'm staying in a tiny family owned Pension which doesn't have internet either, so I may not be able to write anything on the blog until I get back.

Afterwards we are driving back across France in Neil's ancient old banger. Who knows if it will make it?

The photos are, of course, just to make you all jealous!


  1. A suitable level of jealousy is being felt here.
    We had a couple of glorious spring days. Then, Melbourne being Melbourne, it is back into a miserable damp excuse for weather.
    Driving across France is fun! I did it West to East in 2005, but not in an old banger. Hope the car holds out for you.

  2. Hey Kathleen

    You are such a free traveller. I don't know whether it's jealousy-inducing or inspiring. As for the banger - if it hangs together, as I'm sure it will, it will surely make for a more adventurous journey.

    You must feel now as though you are inside KM's very skin. Looking forward to the biography...

  3. I am suitably envious Kathleen - what wonders in store! As Wendy and I know it is just so liberating to sit in the southern sun sipping wine or coffee, eating delicious french food. All this and a road trip too - you will surely have a brilliant time and who cares about internet or cars.

    Looking forward to hearing all about it when you get back

    Avril x


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