Bounce: From Ireland to New Zealand

Meet beautiful Bounce, the latest addition to my daughter's family in New Zealand.   Meredith moved out of Christchurch after the earthquake into a house in the country that had a plot of land attached, with the idea of being more self-sufficient.  Vegetable beds have been dug, trees planted, huts erected for the chickens and ducks, but the grass grew and grew and it quickly became clear that something would have to be introduced to eat it.  And that's where Bounce and her calf came into the picture. They are Dexters - a very small and hardy breed of cattle that came originally from Ireland.  This has freaked my daughter out, because she didn't know until after she'd chosen the cow. She's even learned to milk it by hand.  It's very strange that she's now experiencing a way of life, with the same type of animal, as her great, great grandfathers did back in Ireland.  Genes?   All my children have had urban childhoods - it must be in the blood!!   Can't wait to go to NZ in January and meet Bounce and her baby nose to nose. It's obviously in my genes as well.


  1. She's so beautiful!! I would love to have a cow. Matter of fact, I keep telling my daughter when we're rich enough, we'll get a farm and have a few cows. And now I know Dexters are smaller, I might just be in love.


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