A Pestle and Mortar

Ever since I came to Italy I've been wanting a marble pestle and mortar to grind spices, but they're very expensive - around 45 euros in the shops - and Neil wouldn't let me buy one.  'I'll make you one,'  he kept saying.  So I waited.   But sculptors are busy people and there are more fulfilling things to do than make domestic objects from off cuts of marble and I rather suspected that I wouldn't get my mortar!

But then yesterday, Neil came home smiling, opened his rucksack and put these two objects on the table.

 To say I was pleased, didn't quite cover it!  It's not just a pestle and mortar - it's a sculpture.  The mortar is made from a marble cobble that Neil found in a river bed near here.  He chose it specially.  The pestle is made from a fragment of the white greek marble he's been using for his latest sculpture, and he's been working on them secretly as a surprise present.  They are so beautiful I don't think I can bear to use them for pounding up peppercorns, or cumin!


  1. It is nice that my labour has been so well appreciated. It is good to pick up a piece of natural material and turn it into something useful.

  2. Yes you can! (Use 'em.) It will be so lovely, every time.

  3. What an amazing gift!
    A beautiful piece of work.
    You will feel loved every time you use them!


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