Botero's Fat Ladies

Woman Reclining

Pietrasanta's current exhibition in the Piazza is South American sculptor Fernando Botero's bronze sculptures of women and animals.  Botero is famous for his depictions of obese (the correct art term is 'volumetric') forms - he's not much noticed in the UK but elsewhere in the world he's BIG!  He has a house in Pietrasanta and works here quite a lot, alongside his Greek wife, artist Sophia Vari.  You either like his work, or you don't.  I prefer his drawings and paintings to the sculpture - they remind me of Diego Rivera.

Europa being carried off by Zeus

Two Figures (and two tourists)

Woman on Horseback
Tomorrow I'm off to the UK again for a family visit.  Not looking forward to the colder weather - you can see from the Botero pics how hot it is here at the moment - but it will be lovely to see the kids.  Probably should write a poem called 'Packing the Suitcases Again'!!   Will I ever get to stay in one place for more than 3 weeks?


  1. They remind me of the "Venus" figures from prehistory.
    They feel like a bit of fun. Not something to be taken too seriously.

  2. Yes, they remind me a bit of Beryl Cook's satirical paintings of large ladies doing outrageous things!


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