Tuesday Poem: More stones from the river

It's been such a busy week my small stones are just observations scribbled in my notebook that haven't yet made it into poems or prose.  A summary of my week in a few images.  Who knows where they might go?

A crow falling away from the wind, like a black rag.

The car waltzes on/water, powered by the wind./A pivotal movement.

What do you do when the switch inside your head decides it's morning, in the middle of the night?

In the pub, watching the fire-light through a glass of wine.  A good place to be on a cold evening. 

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  1. Kathleen, I love "A crow falling away from the wind, like a black rag"--loved it when I saw your tweet too. :)

  2. A lovely insight into your writing process. Thank you

  3. Sounds like an interesting week. It'll be fun to see if the snippets accrete somewhere.

  4. Love the crow falling ..like black rag.

  5. The crow one is a gem! Thanks!


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