A writer's life is sometimes strange

Very strange indeed.  At the same moment that I was deliberating over printer's quotes for a small Independent edition of The Story-teller, and had just put my self-publishing quandary up on the blog, I was approached by one of the British university presses about a publishing deal.   Not only did they want to publish the book, but they wanted to bring it out quickly, before Christmas, to take advantage of all the Penguin publicity.  They were also keen to use Neil's cover design.   The only drawback was that they couldn't offer much money, but from my point of view the fact that I'm not going to be paying the printer's bill is  a big bonus.  All I have to do is to convince my agent that a) a very enthusiastic, well-regarded university publisher is better than no publisher at all, and b) that a good hardback edition and some good reviews might just lead to a mainstream publisher offering for the paperback rights.    Wish me luck on that one! 

Meanwhile, we're going ahead with the re-issue of A Passionate Sisterhood.  The cover proofs arrived today and Alas!!! instead of a lovely, rich blue, they are a deep and depressing shade of purple attractive only to mourning Victorians.    We are beginning to realise the problems of transmitting colour files - it is apparently very difficult to get the same colour calibrated into a printer.  A lot of tweaking is going to be necessary.


  1. This is such wonderful news! The cover is terrifically eye-catching and evokes the 'masks' of Mansfield more than the Penguin cover here. Oh I am in heaven reading your book, Kathleen, it is so absorbing and stimulating. The university press will not rue the day it approached you. I predict it will win awards....

  2. Congratulations Cathy. You have vaulted the system. Your willingness to try an independent edition brought this luck to you, I feel sure. This book just must be out there. I am so looking forward to owning my own copy. I think the cover design is vibrant and engaging and will attract a wider range of readers than would the (very elegant...) Penguin cover. KM looks so alive, so modern.
    Like MM I think this one is a potential prizewinner. wx

  3. What great news, Kathleen!
    It must be a sigh of relief for you and for all the Mansfield scholars and enthusiasts on your side of the world!
    Wonderful to know that university presses are still seeking out and publishing top quality bios.
    And, yes, GREAT cover! Very Mansfieldian.

  4. Thanks for all your encouragement! Fingers crossed I may get a contract this week.

  5. Congratulations! How exciting. I love Neil's design.
    A press, is a press, is a press. If it feels right run with it.
    Can you use pantone or something similar to get the colour matching right?


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