World Cup via Skype

As the England match wasn't being shown in Italy, and BBC TV streaming doesn't work outside the UK (why?), Neil hit on the brilliant idea of watching the match by dialling my laptop on Skype, while I placed the lap top in front of the TV so that the web cam picked it up.  The technology worked perfectly - unlike the England side, or the FIFA system which disallowed a clear goal - making nonsense of the whole game.  Modern technology is used by every other international sport  - to call the FIFA executives dinosaurs is to insult a dignified  and intelligent species whose extinction event was not their fault.   Certain individuals may well follow the dinosaurs into history after this debacle.  


  1. We watched it in two French Cafes (first half one, second half the other...) Bith empty. French are out of it after all,And this is rugby country after all. There was one cafe - le Flaneur - which was full of German fans so we steered clear. It all seemed somehow like the end of things - especially for B who loves the beautiful game.

  2. It's so sad, isn't it. But what a beautiful place to watch it in! Now I'm off to watch Wimbledon - not much writing getting done here now!

  3. What was that about?

    In rugby, they use the TMO, so why not put a camera in the goal? It was clearly a goal.

    The same is the Argentina-Mexico match, Tevez was clearly off-side.

    Plus that French dude handles the ball to oust Ireland from the running.

    FIFA's a joke.


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