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Tuesday Poem: Teacher Man - by Steve Ely

The first day, Shane told him to fuck off
and punched Dominic in the head before
slamming out of the classroom.

The second day, Joe Rowton asked him
if he was gay, 8B6 practised wrestling moves,
year eleven bombed him with screwed-up worksheets.

The third day, his classes ignored him completely
and just continued their conversations.
Zoe erupted in a screaming fit and bowled chairs
across the classroom.  He wrote out his resignation.

The fourth day, he left the envelope
on the mantel and gave it one more chance.
Shane squared up to Dylan and somehow
smashed his laptop.

The fifth day, he took the envelope into school
and turned it in his hands all morning.
Shane tore up Kai's work but wrote a half-page himself.
Joe Rowton read 'Hitcher' and deemed
the poem mint.  Zoe mastered the punctuation
of direct speech: "I'm off to the bog
and you can't stop me cos I'm on my period."

He took the envelope home and on Friday night
got hammered.  Saturday and Sunda…

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