Down to Dunedin: Albatross and Moeraki Boulders

 I haven't been on the blog much - it's all been too hectic here, but in a good way.  So many beautiful things to see, so many interesting things to do.  Falling into bed exhausted at the end of the day.  One of the things we've done this time, is travel down to Dunedin at the bottom end of South Island.  People told me that it was rather grey and scottish and the weather was bad, but although it was cooler than Christchurch, we found it really interesting. 

On the way down we stopped to see the Moeraki boulders on the beach.   Giant, stone cannon balls.

These are strange, geological phenomena - quite eerie, a little like geodes, but perfectly circular.

Some of them had broken open and formed rock pools.
We  stayed in a little weekend cottage beside the sea - known as a 'bach' (pronounced batch over here) - with roses round the door - and almost everywhere else!

The beaches are wonderful here, with cliffs and stacks and big sand dunes.  This is tunnel beach from the cliffs at the top.

You can only get to it through a tunnel in the rock after a long climb down the cliff path.

When you get there, the cliffs have been carved into strange shapes by the wind and water.  This remind you of anyone?

Walking along the beaches we almost fell over a big sea lion playing dead in the sand.

And we managed to see Albatross - both nesting and flying (too high and fast for a photo).   This is the best I could do with my tiny camera - an Albatross on the nest with a chick under it.

It really is quite magical to get so close to wildlife like this.

Will try to put up some more pics tomorrow.  Dunedin itself is a city dedicated to poets!  And there are apparently more pipe bands here than in Scotland!


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