Spring has come to Capezzano

I’ve just come back from a very stormy England, tired and travel-lagged.  Pisa airport at midnight was very cold and damp and not unlike the UK airport I’d just left.  But waking up in our little house in the olive grove the following morning things looked very different.   Spring has really sprung in Capezzano.

The mimosa is flowering and the grass is starred with purple/pink anemones and tiny narcissi.  The creamy green hellebore we call ‘Easter Roses’ are everywhere.  The sun has warmth in it - enough to sit out and drink a glass of wine wearing only a jumper.  It certainly lifts the spirits.

It has obviously affected the cats as well.  Our adopted wild cat, Batcat, (who turned out to be female) has been sitting in the olive grove wowling at the spring sun (and everything else) in a very ominous way and it seems as though every tom cat in the village is strutting across our terrace trying to look suitably feral.  After dark there’s a great deal of tumbling and chasing and more singing - a kind of feline X-factor!  I fear this means kittens for Easter, but Batcat sadly isn’t tame enough to catch, put in a box and take to the vets.   Yet.

I was given a couple of preview copies of Young Adult novels to read when in the UK - ‘Wonder’ by P.J. Palacio and ‘Now is the Time for Running’ by Michael Williams -  neither of them out until the beginning of March. It’s interesting to read another genre, also interesting to see what publishers are buying from abroad - one was a best seller in America, the other in southern Africa before being brought over here.  UK publishers aren’t taking many risks these days.


  1. Ah Spring! I'm longing for it. This morning brought a brief glimpse of sun but now the day here is fading into grey. I envy you the flowers and the possibility of kittens - lovely!

  2. As much as you want spring, that means autumn down here. Autumn is OK, but winter?
    I know I am grumbling about an Oz winter, but it is all relative.

  3. Sorry Avril - I guess you'll have to wait a little longer for spring in England! One reason I love Italy - the winters are so short.
    Al - I know you have it hotter over there, but over the last few years you seem to have had as much turbulent weather as we have in Europe. Unpredictable. Do you get all the beautiful autumn colours over there? It's the only thing that makes it bearable in England.


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