Tuesday Poem: What the River Told Me & This is What the Sky Says

What the river told me .....

Nothing escapes
the memory
of water.

is what you are made of.

This is what you are afraid of.

This is what the Sky says .....

Don’t wait up.

I have all the time in the universe.

I'm currently in transit between England and Italy.  These are two small fragments from the series I'm working on based on the Haida Gwaii Indian beliefs and poetry.   Their shamanic rituals were mostly in the form of poems and incantations and they all have wonderful titles which are irresistible as prompts for poems.   I'm having great fun exploring it all!

The photographs are from an autumnal, cloudy, but rather beautiful northern England.

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  1. Intriguing ... I shall look forward to reading more.

  2. Beautiful, universal, ancient - I look forward to reading more too!

  3. Oh yes, intriguing and lovely. Thank you Kathleen.

  4. Thank you all - I will keep working on this series. The mind set of these ancient people is so different to ours it's difficult to even get a glimpse of how they thought and felt.


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