Just about to set off to Italy to spend Christmas with Neil when yet another blizzard turns the UK into a film set for Ice Age 3.   Having chosen, just for once, to fly British Airways from Heathrow instead of Ryan Air from Stansted,  I watched in horror as both Heathrow and Gatwick closed!  British Airways flights all cancelled, even if passengers could reach the airports.  Unlikely, since nearly half the trains in the UK are either cancelled or delayed and the roads are impassable.   Apparently it could take 48 hours to get back to normal.

 Will there be any trains tomorrow?  Will there be any planes?  Watch this space.  I will probably be doing the same!


  1. By Chance I answered the phone while I was looking at this post. It was my Brother who lives in Coventry. He was off out to go sledging in the local park with his son.

    It sounds like it has been really trying, but at leas some people are enjoying it!

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  3. I think sledging is all I'm going to be doing Al! I've made it to London - hours late - and have just looked at the pics of Heathrow which looks like an emergency centre for the homeless. British Airways web site is down so will have to go to the airport, but pretty sure my flight will be cancelled.

  4. What a shame, it sounds as if you might have been better off stuck at home!
    I know someone who supposedly left Christchurch on Saturday with his wife, toddler and baby to head home to England for Christmas - whether he made it I don't know but I suspect he may be stuck somewhere en route such as Hong Kong.

  5. I've heard on the radio tonight about people with cancelled flights camping out in the departures lounge.
    It doesn't sound at all pleasant. Stay safe,
    and Good luck!


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