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Katherine Mansfield
So it’s all agreed. Edinburgh University Press are going to publish The Story-teller. They are moving very fast and hope to have the book available before Christmas. It appears to be (fingers crossed!) the happy ending of a long and complicated story. But it’s also a tale of serendipity. I was invited to do a small book signing at an event at New Zealand House; the editor came up to talk to me about the biography and that’s when it all began. I gave her a book to take away and three days later she came back with an offer.
Now I’m busy with all the copy edits and other alternations I want to make before it goes to the printer next week. However hard you try, there are always errors and in this case, a number of typos which slipped through the proof reading process of the 1st edition, including a photograph with the wrong person’s name underneath. And people keep approaching me with new information, which is very exciting, but has, somehow to be accommodated. I’m hoping that the EUP version will be as accurate as it’s possible to make it.

I can’t believe how things can change so rapidly in the space of a week. And on Monday Neil is coming home for a few days, so I will have my best mate back :-) No wonder I’m smiling!


  1. So pleased for you. It will be on my Christmas list. How I love tales of serendipity. wx

  2. That's such great news - I'm truly delighted for you.

  3. No wonder you are smiling!
    Wonderful news.
    So much faster when you are just polishing an already completed work.
    No matter how often you go over it there will always be more errors to find.
    Especially when, like me, you put plenty in in the first place. I always make anyone checking my work earn their tea breaks!

  4. That is indeed good news!

    "The Storyteller" has pride of place in my summer TBR pile: I am looking forward very much to reading it then.

  5. Thanks all! Sometimes good things do happen!

  6. Excellent news! I was all set to ask friend in New Zealand to buy a copy and post it to me.


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