All Embracing

I've never found flash fiction particularly satisfying - I always want more. But this short short by David Pescod is beautifully filmed and says it all without needing a word more. The title also seems very apt for the present political situation!


  1. Liked this piece for its range and ambition.

  2. It's one of Route PUblishing's ventures. They're in Leeds and I like some of their stuff very much!

  3. Really made me want to try some flash ficiton myself, although like you I haven't been a fan in the past - but this seemed like a whole and intriguing life - interesting questions too about identity, self and others.

    P.S. From A Window - is beautiful!

    Avril x

  4. Thank you Avril!
    On All Embracing - I thought it was a sharp comment on our society, where there are so many of us crowded in public places, but where people are also very lonely.


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