Up to my knees in sewage

Just spent the day in wellington boots trying to unblock the drains. We have a septic tank and the pipe leading to the soakaway, which runs across the drive, has somehow become blocked. After attempts to run a hosepipe through it from the manhole (why don't I have man to do this?) failed, I was forced to start digging up the lawn to locate the pipe. Several men stopped to ask me what I was doing - at a safe, odour free, distance - but I didn't get any offers of help. Anyway, I've cured the puddle in the drive, but now have a garden pond (organic of course!) full of brown water. Tomorrow I will have to have another go at it. I bet Antonia Fraser never has to do this! Consoled myself with the thought that I'm off to Italy for the weekend at Peralta (peraltatuscany.com) for an exhibition in memory of Fiore de Henriquez. Neil is putting all his sculpture out in the olive groves on plinths and I'm really looking forward to seeing it in this wild setting. Also looking forward to sunshine, unlimited prosecco and fresh air with a rather more attractive aroma!


  1. Kathleen
    Loved reading your blog - great personal touch and truly a writer's blog. I thought the contrast between the fragrant brown pond in Yorkshire and the sculptures in the olive groves in Italy was almost too painful!
    I am always recommending your C Cookson biography to everyone and remember with relish your story to the women in prison about the Cookson tapes.
    Have a lovely time in Italy. Having just returned from France I should not be jealous but..
    Looking forward to reading your posts from there


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