Tuesday Poem

This week I'm privileged to have one of my poems as the Tuesday Poem hub choice  - 'Glenn Gould on Orton Scar', from Not Saying Goodbye at Gate 21.  I'm very grateful to Helen Lowe for choosing it and for her lovely comments.  It's a poem I wrote on one of those moonlit, frosty nights you get in the Lake District, driving home across open moorland, all alone in the landscape.  The feeling you get is very difficult to describe and I spent a long time editing what I'd written to try to share the experience accurately.

Why not pop over to the hub and check out what all the other Tuesday Poets are posting?

I'm also thrilled to learn that two of my poems were short-listed for the Bridport Prize - even though I didn't win any of the big prizes, it's encouraging to know that you can make it through so many thousands of entries.  Congratulations to the winners - can't wait to read the poems!


  1. That short-listing is wonderful! You must be verry chuffed.

    I will hop over and read your poem on the hub.


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