Kittens galore!

Two Heads and a Tail

Neil came back to Italy almost a week before me, fortunately, because on Wednesday night the Batcat began to give birth to her kittens - in our bedroom,  to Neil's absolute consternation.   But, while he was phoning me in England to find out what was the best thing to do, Batcat disappeared into the night - with the kittens.  Next morning the mystery was solved.  Batcat has found a hiding place in the tool shed in a dark corner of the top shelf, among the paint cans.   I sneaked in yesterday while she went out to feed and managed to get this shot of the three little fur balls - two black and white and one tabby.   One of the black and white kits has buried itself under the other two and only the back end is visible! 
Three days old

The plan is to get them used to being handled (as much as the ferocious Mum will allow), and then - as soon as they're weaned -  take them to the animal welfare centre for re-homing.  We hope too that Batcat herself will be approachable enough to take for sterilisation by then.  There are so many wildcats here they starve and we don't want to add to the problem.  I find it quite touching that she trusted us enough to come into our house to have her kittens.


  1. I guess your efforts to tame Batcat's progeny is something like the process that was used to tame cats all those 1,000s of years ago


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