Edinburgh Festival

Edinburgh - this big, grey, northern city.  A mixture of Georgian, Gothic and neo Greek - steep streets with glimpses of the sea - wide Georgian streets with Hanoverian names - Frederick, William, George -  and, dominating everything, the castle.

You would never think that this was the middle of August - the weather was freezing and, at 4.45pm, it was already overcast and dark.

But during the Festival, whatever the weather,  Edinburgh is buzzing -  fringe theatre and comedy, street performers, glitzy international music and art events.

We arrived at lunch time and wandered about sampling the street acts on the Royal Mile.

But on other streets in the centre, there are alcoholics and drug addicts, homeless,begging on the street - this photo says a lot for the state of Britain -  busking in front of the discount sale in the designer boutique window, and he wasn't part of the festival fringe.  I liked the dog with the hat.


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