Ways with Words

Not much time for blogging at the moment.  I'm madly packing suitcases, arranging the house so that someone else can collect the mail and water the plants, and preparing a talk for the Ways with Words festival at Dartington  Hall on Thursday morning.   It's a long drive, so I leave tomorrow, returning for a few hours on Friday to collect the suitcases before catching a plane for Italy.   It's frantic, but also very exciting.

Rather nervous about Dartington.  It's a lovely festival in the most beautiful surroundings,  but the hall is usually packed with an audience passionate about literature and expecting the best from their authors.  It's one thing performing on the page, quite another on the stage!  My talk is going to focus on Katherine Mansfield and her relationship with DH Lawrence and his wife Frieda when they lived in Cornwall - not that far from Dartington.  Fingers crossed!

No Tuesday Poem from me this week, but please go to www.tuesdaypoem.blogspot.com web site to have a look at what others are posting.


  1. I'll have mine crossed too.
    How exciting that the big move is getting so close!


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