Weekend Walks

We're having unseasonable weather in northern England - blue skies and warm sunshine.  The hedgerows and the roadsides are all green and blooming.  Too  beautiful to stay indoors and do all the chores (or even write!), so I put my boots on and we went walking.

These poppies have escaped from someone's garden I think.

This is a mystery.  In the middle of the path, no-one else in sight, someone had carefully placed an X Box game with thirty pence in new coins on top of it.   Any ideas for a good thriller plot?

Then we found a newly dead crow hung up in the hedge so that it looked totally alive, though the foliage has crept through its glossy feathers.  It was bizarre, but also very beautiful, in a way I can't get the camera to record.  You can just pick out his long beak at the top of the frame.

And then we found these bracket fungus in a section of fence that was a sculpture all by itself!

Now I've got to go back to work.  We rent out two small sections of the mill and both are currently vacant, so there is a lot of scrubbing and re-painting going on while we look for new tenants.  Meanwhile my own part of the house is going to rack and ruin.  There is only so much housework a girl can do!


  1. The weather looks wonderful!
    I love the photo of the road along the high ground with the poppys at the side.
    It certainly seems someone was leaving messages. Defenitely a plot or two in those.


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