More and more snow

The mill through a blizzard

So here I am again in the cybersphere, courtesy of a new router, several yards of cable, and the help of a very kind young man in India who talked me through a foreign language of pinging, subnet masks and internet protocols,  being very patient with someone who doesn't know her DHCP configuration from her static IPS!  The benefits of globalisation!

Rafts of ice on the river
 At least, if I can't go anywhere today, I can get on the internet.   For the first time since the snow began, I've felt it prudent to stay at home.  It's been snowing for days and the temperatures haven't managed to get above freezing since last week.   Big, fast running rivers aren't supposed to freeze over, but that's what's happening at the moment.

We don't have temperatures as low as Scotland or Wales (-20 last night) and we don't have as much snow as Northumberland a few miles further east (more than 5 feet and still falling), but there's enough to cause havoc.    This is what the main road looks like and it's very slippery.

You have to dress like Scott of the Antarctic just to go to the Coop for a pint of milk, and  - yes, it does take some time!  But the snow is also beautiful and my inner child keeps eyeing the sledge under the stairs and thinking .......


  1. Love the sense of the inner child's eye. We live all our times at once.

  2. I had to laugh at your comment about a country not geared up for snow. We have snow equipment in the Oz Alps, but anywhere other than that three or four inches of snow are usually enough to cause road closures.
    Granted it's not often a problem but we do get occasional heavy snow along the Great Dividing Range as far north as southern QLD.
    - 20 is cold brrrr, the coldest I have ever experienced was -17.


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